Winter is almost over. That means mountain biking soon! Woohoo

Winter is almost over It won't be long now and we'll be riding bikes on Buller again. Like wise, I'm looking forward to shooting  bikes and riders again. Photographing that is. I'm looking forward to creating some more magic like this shot of Jeff Kendall-Weed on Misty Twist. This shot picked up a silver award at the 2016 APPA Awards. Next year I'm going for Gold. Bring it on. 

Trails Closed for winter

Trails Closed for winter

Sad new folks, as of sundown today, the trails will be closed until after the winter. I hope everyone riding in the blue dirt buller blow has a blast today, despite the weather. 

Have a good winter, and we'll see you in November for some more fun.

Happy trails.....


Jump to it, the summer is coming to an end soon.

Jump to it, the summer is coming to an end soon.

Only two weekends left to taste the sweet buller trails. Then they'll all be closed for a bit of R & R over the winter months. Big thanks also at this point to the Bike Buller Trail crew for their amazing work with maintaining the sweet trails. Mist Twist is getting a major over hall right now. I can't want to roll down the new ribbons of joy in the spring.  I only wish I could ride Misty twist half as good as Jeff Kendal-Weed as pictured below. You may recognize these photos from a double page spread in the latest issue of AMB. Thanks Mike for the awesome spread. 


Bike Buller Festival

Bike Buller Festival

Well, there we have it folks, another Bike Buller Festival done and dusted. Well, not so much dust this year, it was pretty good conditions for most of the week. Just not so much for the 50k and 35k events. Which were rather wet, thanks to the down pour which started about 30 seconds after the starters gun fired. Making the Stonefly climb rather slippery. 

But all in all, a bloody good weekend was had by all.  Speaking at least for the blokes that shared lodge 1. Everyone of them had a blast, and the atmosphere inside in the lodge at night was just awesome. The human connections made and the fun times shared are a big part of what makes the sport of mountain biking so rad, and both are essential ingredients in making a mountain biking festival memorable.     

Young Kev enjoying the sweet single tracks in he break Burner.

Targa comes to town, and adds a little extra spice.

These thingy's that took over the roads on Buller this weekend  have a few to many wheels, but I have to say, they are a lot of fun to watch.  However, by next weekend we'll be seeing lots of two wheeled action, in the dirt!  See Ya'll then. 

Bam.....  the new site is up, and isn't she a pearler.

Bam..... the new site is up, and isn't she a pearler.

The last two days have been a whirlwind of photos, text, links, email addresses, Domain Name Servers, and a bunch of other techie stuff. But she's up and running now. All while it's been pouring rain outside for those very same 48 hours. But that's alright, because it's still a few weeks until the trails start their soft opening. woohoo.   Not to mention, the dirt up here at buller loves a bit of moisture. It makes for some hero dirt. 

So, as we venture in to another summer up here on Buller, I find myself wondering what it will bring. How many Deli runs will I squeeze in? How many laps of stonefly will my legs and lungs manage? and will i mange to do all of that with out an injury?